Bookmakers Rating

The legality of operation is the key principle used to compile our rating of the best bookmaker’s offices. We recommend playing only in those betting companies that have licenses.
Only under such conditions does a client receive guarantees of payment for winnings, protected at the legislative level. Offshore betting companies promising numerous bonuses are also available to bettors. However, playing in them is done at one’s own risk, without any real security for the invested money.

Betting companies rating parameters

Any bookmaker rating is a subjective comparison of several companies, each with individual characteristics. When ranking betting companies, we have tried to cover as many important evaluation parameters as possible to create the most objective picture.

Reliability, reputation, authority
The reliability of a legal bookmaker is proven by the license and the guarantee contribution to a special fund. However, other reputational characteristics are also important:

  • History, duration of high-level work;
  • Authority and brand recognition, the level of trust from the betting audience;
  • Availability of sponsorship contracts with famous clubs and sports associations;
  • Active charitable work, support of children’s and youth sports;
  • Absence of high-profile scandals related to non-payment of winnings to clients.

We delve into these nuances in our reviews of bookmakers included in the rating.

Line-up and coverage

According to this criterion, the following characteristics are taken into account:

  • The number of sports represented in the line;
  • The breadth of coverage of tournaments, leagues, and events – a big plus for a bookmaker if the line includes not only top championships but also second, third, and youth championships;
  • Detailed description – an advantage for bookmakers who offer not only basic markets but also numerous statistical choices and small markets;
  • Interface convenience for finding the necessary competitions, matches, and betting markets.

Odds and betting margins.

Profits from betting on sports directly depend on the size of the odds, which a particular bookmaker sets. Each bookmaker includes a commission in the quotation – the margin. Its size determines how profitable the odds are for the players in the betting company.

The margin depends on many factors:

  • General bookmaker policy on quotes;
  • Popularity of the event and demand for the markets;
  • The amount of money wagered on a particular market.

This parameter is especially important if the bettor intends to employ a betting strategy and make a profit over time.

Convenience of the official site and applications

The client of a bookmaker who bets online should not experience difficulties or discomfort while using the interactive resource of the bookmaker. In this regard, the following aspects are important:

  • Aesthetic design of the site, which does not cause irritation;
  • Comfortable portal structure, making it easy to find all functional and game sections and options;
  • Stable operation without faltering and delays;
  • A simple authorization interface;
  • Availability of different search filters to find tournaments and sporting events;
  • The ability to download an application to play from mobile devices.

Quality of LIVE mode

The era of online bookmakers has brought betting on matches in play to a new level. Many players use different strategies to profit by betting in LIVE mode. Many characteristics are important here:

  • The size of the live line, the coverage of events in different sports;
  • The presence in the playlist of betting options that are of interest to the player to implement a long-term strategy;
  • The odds level – an acceptable margin in play: 7-12% for different marketplaces;
  • Software quality – quotes must change quickly, without any technical delays;
  • user-friendliness of interface – often betting slip should be completed in 2-3 seconds, as long as the selected odds are relevant;
  • Live video broadcasts, graphical and statistical match center.

Some bookmakers have specific options in LIVE mode: multi-live, superlive and others. This is the way the companies attract the client audience.

Payment methods

On this parameter, legal offices do not differ much. They support the payment functionality that corresponds to the standards.

But if the list of payment systems does not differ much, other parameters vary. The reviews focus on the minimum and maximum amounts of deposits and withdrawals, the timing of transactions.

Bonuses and promotions

An important promotional tool for modern bookmakers is the implementation of high-profile bonus campaigns. Most often, new customers are attracted by large welcome prizes. However, it is important not only to choose an office with a big bonus but also to learn the rules for wagering it. Often, promises of large gifts are just advertising tricks. Our rating indicates the basic conditions and the reality of wagering invitation gifts.

Pay attention to the existence of a loyalty program for regular customers. This is important if you plan to play actively and regularly. Loyalty programs can be quite lucrative.

Some bookmakers are known for special drawings, promotions, and personal gifts. This is also an effective factor in attracting a client audience.

Responsiveness of technical support

Most users periodically have questions to the administration of the bookmaker. It is important that any requests and claims are processed quickly and reasonably. Therefore, the quality of operators’ work of the technical support service is one of the basic evaluation criteria in the bookmakers’ rating.

Onshore betting shops

There are still many fans of betting in offline betting clubs. In such establishments it is pleasant to relax with friends, watch broadcasts of interesting sports events. In addition, they can quickly pass the verification of the account, drawn up on the site.

How to choose a bookmaker suitable for you

The presence of a large number of legal bookmakers is a positive characteristic of the betting market. There is competition between the companies and the quality of customer service improves. But newcomers face a difficult task: how to choose a suitable bookmaker among such a vast offer? Here are a few recommendations:

  1. Don’t sign up at the first office you come across. Make sure you study a lot of information about different bookmakers, so you can make the most adequate evaluation. Do not let yourself be fooled by bright advertisements, and study informational materials and expert reviews.
  2. Determine the purpose of the game. If you are going to bet from time to time on your favorite team for fun, it makes sense to choose a betting agency with a pleasant design and live video broadcasts. If you plan to earn on the distance on the strategy, you need to look for the high odds.
  3. Do not be guided by promises of generous bonuses. It feels good to get gifts and prizes, but other features of bookmakers work are more important. Bonuses are often difficult to wager, so study the conditions beforehand.
  4. Be sure to read the rules of the bookmaker. Many players’ claims to bookmakers are due to the fact that customers simply do not know the rules. But you officially agree with them when you register your account.

And finally, the last tip: do not be lazy to read the reviews of players who have already used the services of a particular betting company. Yes, not all feedbacks are objective and balanced. But it is the opinions of real customers that help add to the overall impression of the office, make it more objective.